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Ultimate Guide to the Best Paint Sprayer for Latex Paint

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Latex paint is versatile for a vast range of household painting projects. It’s water-soluble, so it’s easy to use and clean up, and dries quickly. It also gives good coverage and creates a durable finish. However, latex paint is thick and dense, so not all paint sprayers can spray it evenly without thinning. Here are some paint sprayers that are the best choice for use with latex paint. 

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Graco 17G180 Magnum ProX19 - GRACO MAGNUM PROX19 Check Price
Wagner Spraytech FLEXio Paint Sprayer - WAGNER SPRAYTECH FLEXio 590 Check Price
Titan Airless Paint Sprayer - TITAN HIGH-EFFICIENCY CONTROL MAX Check Price
Fuji 2203G SEMI-PRO 2 Paint Sprayer - FUJI 2203G SEMI-PRO 2 Check Price
Astro Pneumatic 4008 Paint Sprayer - ASTRO 4008 PAINT SPRAYER Check Price

Best Paint Sprayer for Latex Paint: Reviews

GRACO 17G180 Magnum ProX19 Cart Paint Sprayer

Graco 17G180 Magnum ProX19

The Graco 17G180 Magnum ProX19 is powerful and versatile enough to handle big jobs with ease.  With the Magnum ProX 19, there’s no need to thin latex paints for application to indoor or outdoor surfaces. The Magnum ProX with a maximum operating pressure of 3000 psi has enough power to siphon paint right from the bucket, atomize it, and spray it cleanly.

The powerful 7/8 HP DC motor on Graco’s ProX19 Paint Sprayer applies primer and paint to indoor and outdoor surfaces at a rate of .38 gallons per minute. It’s strong enough to support longer extension cords and up to 150 feet of airless hose, so it can be used all around the house or job site. 

The durable metal spray gun has a built-in swivel for ease of handling while spraying. The spray tip that comes with the sprayer is Graco’s standard .015 size. It sprays a 10 inch wide, middle-density strip of paint or primer.

For narrower spray, heavier or lighter flow, or less viscous coatings like stains and sealers, Graco offers different size spray tips, purchased separately. Graco spray tips are quickly reversible to clear clogs if they occur.

Graco suggests that the Magnum ProX19 is rated for 500 gallons per year; however, the manufacturer’s literature also says that it will work for years if the machine is properly maintained.

The PowerFlush attachment connects the sprayer to a garden hose for fast cleanup of water-based coatings. The unit weighs 42 lbs. and comes with the Magnum ProX19 sprayer, 50 ft. duraflex hose, metal spray gun, Reverse-A-Clean spray tip #515, Pump Armor storage fluid, and a quick startup guide. 


  • High capacity and included cart for big projects
  • High pressure for fast, even painting
  • No need to thin paint


  • Additional spray tips are a separate purchase

Wagner Spraytech 0529010 FLEXiO 590 Handheld HVLP Paint Sprayer

Wagner Spraytech FLEXio Paint Sprayer

The Wagner Spraytech 0529010 FLEXiO 590 is a compact, versatile sprayer with the power to spray unthinned paint and all the accessories you need.

This sprayer kit comes with the sprayer, 2 spray nozzles, and 2 paint cups, all packaged in a protective carrying case. 

The Wagner Spraytech 0529010 FLEXiO 590 comes with the iSpray nozzle designed for larger jobs and high-viscosity materials, while the detail finish nozzle is for small projects. Both sprayers allow you to adjust the device to choose horizontal, vertical, or circular spray patterns. 

In addition, the iSpray can be set for a wide or narrow spray pattern.  The detail finish sprayer holds 600ml of low-viscosity paint or stain; the iSpray nozzle and paint cup holds 1.5 qt. 

The FLEXiO features an X-Boost turbine with a 10-speed setting to adjust the flow of material to easily spray unthinned paints and stains. 

Much faster than a brush or roller, the iSpray can cover an 8’ x 10’ surface in 1 minute for stains, and 5 minutes for latex paints.  It can spray up to 8.0 gallons per hour with little overspray. Cleaning the cups, nozzle assemblies, and the sprayer takes only a few minutes. 


  • Good for beginners
  • Sprays un-thinned latex with no problem
  • Easy to use


  • Some people may find the sprayer front-heavy

Titan Tool 0580009 Titan High Efficiency Control Max 1700 Paint Sprayer

Titan Airless Paint Sprayer

The Titan Tool High Efficiency Airless Paint Sprayer ControlMax 1700 makes it easier to paint like a pro.  The Titan ControlMax is designed for those who want a high grade of excellence in their paint projects.  This sprayer comes standard with Titan’s .015 tip, designed explicitly for acrylics, enamels, polyurethanes, latex and oil primers, and latex interior and exterior paints.

With a .60 HP pump and a maximum operating pressure of 1500 psi, the Titan ControlMax 1700 is powerful enough to spray unthinned coatings.

Conveniently, paint or stain can be strained and siphoned directly out of 1 gallon or 5-gallon buckets. That means there’s no need to stop and refill small paint containers and no heavy paint cup attached to the all-metal gun. The system is designed to deliver a softer spray for more consistent finishes. High-efficiency airless technology produces up to 55% less overspray and applies up to .33 gallons of paint or stain per minute to ceilings, walls, or other surfaces. Paint is delivered to the gun via a 30-foot hose.

The Titan ControlMax can be moved easily around large projects and allow you to reach high surfaces. A small tool compartment adds convenience.

The durable spray pump lasts three times longer than other airless sprayers and has a rebuildable fluid section to extend sprayer life. Titan recommends the system be limited to 300 gallons/year, but the manufacturer also states that it should work satisfactorily for years if cleaned and properly maintained.

Cleanup is easy with soap and water for water-based products or mineral spirits for oil-based.  The ControlMax 1700 weighs 19.4 lbs. and comes with a sprayer, 30-foot hose, ControlMax gun, and .015 tip; and it is backed by Titan’s 2-year limited warranty.


  • Airless system with plenty of power for unthinned paints
  • Professional PSI and airflow for fast, even, consistent results
  • More durable 2-year warranty for lasting investment


  • Nonstandard sizes mean you have to use the limited range of Titan accessories and can’t use third-party products

Fuji 2203G Semi-PRO 2 Gravity HVLP Spray System

Fuji 2203G SEMI-PRO 2 Paint Sprayer

Fuji makes the most powerful 2-stage system available.  The Fuji 2203G Semi-PRO 2 Gravity HVLP Spray System has a powerful 1400 watt 2-stage bypass motor that is not underpowered like many high volume low-pressure paint systems; the Fuji Semi-PRO2 can handle any type of coating.  It’s a system designed for the serious user.

Fuji’s Semi-PRO2 Gravity spray system delivers professional results. The M-Model Spray Gun holds 1 quart of paint or stain and has features such as an ergonomic stay-cool handle, non-bleed spray, and a fan control knob to adjust spray pattern through the full range of sizes from small circular to wide. 

The motor is housed in a sturdy metal turbine case with a handle and convenient holder for the paint gun. The system weighs 25.1 lbs. and comes with a turbine, 25 ft hose, and M-model spray gun.

Fuji provides 24-month warranties for parts and labor. Fuji sells an additional conversion kit that allows you to use this spray gun with the included gravity feed cup or a bottom feed cup. 


  • Very little overspray
  • Professional results without a compressor
  • Powerful 2-stage motor means there is little or no need to thin latex paints


  • Gravity-fed systems need to be held upright and have a relatively small paint cup capacity

Astro Pneumatic Tool 4008 Spray Gun with Cup

Astro Pneumatic 4008 Paint Sprayer

Any shop with a 3 hp compressor / 50 – 60 psi can also have a good quality paint sprayer in just minutes with the addition of the Astro Pneumatic Tool 4009 Spray Gun. It has a large adjustable fan, anti-spill air feed, and an excellent price for a wide range of painting projects.

The Astro is a 1-quart capacity dripless paint cup with a 1.8mm nozzle and adjustable wide fan pattern control. With a solid two-piece construction and an exclusive air valve design, it is very straightforward to understand.

When the gun is loaded with paint, stain or adhesive, and hooked up to the compressor, it sprays an 11-inch fan pattern that cuts job time and gives smooth coverage that a brush can’t match. 

The Astro will apply most coatings, such as acrylics, latex, contact cement, primers, glues, and top coats. The Astro still maintains proper suction with no spills when held at any angle, with various fill levels.  This all-purpose tool is easy to clean and maintain. It weighs 2.5 lbs. and comes with a manual. Astro offers a 1-year limited warranty.


  • Simple and easy to use
  • Detailed instructions for beginners to control fan shape, air supply, and material rate for great results
  • Affordable price


  • Requires an air compressor and may need couplings to attach

Buyer’s Guide

Paint sprayers usually require you to thin latex paint before using it. Because it is water-based, it is easy to thin latex paint with water for use in a sprayer.

However, too much thinning gives you less coverage with each paint coat, so it’s best to use a paint sprayer that requires little or no thinning and provides the even, consistent coverage paint sprayers are known for. Here are the top things to look for in a paint sprayer for latex paint.

Sprayer Type

For latex paint, the best choices of paint sprayers are:


Airless sprayers pump paint at high pressure into the sprayer, where it is atomized and sprayed through the nozzle. In addition, many airless sprayers can pump paint directly from the paint can or a bucket, rather than requiring it to be transferred into a container, making them a good choice for large jobs.

HVLP Sprayer

High-volume low-pressure paint sprayers use an internal compressor or air turbine to create a vacuum that draws paint into the sprayer and propels it out through the nozzle. Low-pressure systems are easier to control, so you can be more precise with your spray painting, but these systems usually require thinning latex paint.

Tip Size

There is a wide range of paint sprayer tips designed for different types of paint. Paint sprayer tips are usually identified by a three-digit code; the last two digits reflect the size of the tip opening, in thousandths of an inch.

The first digit, divided by two, indicates the size of the fan 12 inches from the paint surface. For example, a 317 tip will create a 6-inch fan and has an orifice 17 thousandths of an inch wide. A 517 tip has the same orifice size but will make a 10-inch fan. Since all tips use the same amount of paint, a 317 tip will create a thicker paint layer than a 517.

For latex paint, look for a tip that ends in 15-19 and a first digit compatible with your desired fan size and coverage level.

Hose Length

The size and length of the hose determine how much air and how much pressure can move through a paint sprayer. Obviously, a larger hose delivers more air for effective atomization, but a large hose may also be heavier and more challenging to maneuver.

Many people prefer a long hose for large jobs that allows for greater freedom of movement; however, remember that pressure decreases as the hose gets longer. Therefore, when using an HVLP sprayer, choose a hose that is large in diameter and short in length for optimal pressure.

Spray Patterns

Most paint sprayers allow you to choose from three different spray patterns.


A horizontal spray pattern produces a thin, wide fan of paint from side to side. For example, a 519 tip will give you a fan that is 10 inches wide horizontally. When using this spray pattern, you move the sprayer up and down to create an even coat.


A vertical spray pattern produces a tall, thin fan. In this instance, you would move the sprayer side to side.


A round spray pattern creates a circle of paint, much as you would expect from a can of spray paint.

Flow Rate

The flow rate on a paint sprayer may indicate the airflow rate (the speed at which air moves through the system) or the material flow rate (the speed at which paint moves through the system).

When controlling airflow, make sure that your tip size is compatible with your airflow, so you have consistent air pressure for proper functioning. When looking at the material flow rate, a higher rate will spray out more paint more quickly. In both instances, you need to practice with these settings so that you have control of the job at hand. 


How Do Latex Paint Sprayers Work?

Paint sprayers allow an even flow of paint into the system while drawing in air and propelling the combined paint and air out of the tip.

Some paint sprayers use an external air compressor to create pressurized air for a more powerful spray; some have internal turbines that produce pressure without using a separate compressor. In addition, some sprayers allow gravity to pull paint into the sprayer, while others use the air to create a vacuum that draws paint into the sprayer.

What Kind of Sprayer Do You Use for Latex Paint?

Because latex paint is more viscous and thick, most people prefer HVLP paint sprayers because it is easier to control the result. However, an airless system is a good choice for large painting jobs because they can often siphon latex paint directly from a paint can or bucket.

Can You Use Latex Paint in a Paint Sprayer?

Yes, you can use latex paint in a paint sprayer. However, most of the time, it’s a good idea to thin latex paint with water before spraying to create more even, consistent results.

Can You Spray Latex Paint With an HVLP Sprayer?

Yes, you can spray latex paint with an HVLP sprayer. However, most HVLP paint sprayers require latex paint to be thinned before spraying. In fact, even when the manufacturer says that latex doesn’t need to be thinned for use in the sprayer, you can often get better results if you thin it by 10-20%.

What Size Tip Do You Need to Spray Latex Paint?

There are different types of latex, and different tip sizes are better for each. Here’s a quick guide:

  • Interior latex: 15-17
  • Latex primer: 15-17
  • Exterior latex: 17-19
  • Heavy latex: 21-25


A paint sprayer is an excellent choice for smooth, even, fast coverage when painting with latex paint.

Because latex can be more viscous, look for a paint sprayer with a powerful motor and high airflow, and choose the largest diameter, the shortest compatible hose for your sprayer.

Remember that, even if a sprayer claims that you don’t need to thin latex for use in their sprayer, mild thinning is the first thing to try if your airflow or paint coating seems to be uneven or inconsistent.

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